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About the Digitization Initiative at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Libraries


Expand access to the Libraries’ rare and unique materials by developing, supporting, and promoting a distinctive digital collection of these items.

In conjunction with the Mission of the Watson Library, this collection will support the scholarly endeavors of the Museum staff, and will be accessible to an international community of researchers.

The mission of the Thomas J. Watson Library is published here:

Selection Criteria and Collection Development

The digitized format will provide enhanced access to print materials, making the items more widely available with less stress to the item in hand. The following are the criteria for selecting materials for in-house digitization.

Additionally, the following points will be taken into consideration with every digitization project:

The Collection Development Policy of the Thomas J. Watson Library is published here:


These digitized collections are accessible for research purposes. We’ve indicated what we know about copyright and rights of privacy, publicity, or trademark. Due to the nature of archival collections, we are not always able to identify this information. We are eager to hear from any rights owners, so that we may provide accurate information. When a rights issue needs to be addressed, upon request we’ll remove the material from public view, while we look into it.

The Libraries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art make digital versions of collections accessible for research purposes in the following situations: They are in the public domain; the rights are owned by The Metropolitan Museum of Art; we have permission to make them accessible; we make them accessible as a fair use, or there are no known restrictions on use. To learn what your responsibilities are if you’d like to use the materials, go to

Scanning and Metadata Specifications

We have published all of our documentation, including data dictionaries and instructional manuals, on The Thomas J. Watson Library Office of Digital Projects Google Site. All documents are available for download; please contact us using the link at the bottom of this page if you have questions.

Credits and Thank Yous

We couldn’t do all this without a lot of help. Here’s everyone who has lent us a hand to get us started, help us figure things out, and sustain the initiative.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Staff

Thomas J. Watson Library

Ken Soehner, Daniel Starr, Tony White, Jared Ash, Meg Black, William Blueher, Jae Carey, Michael Carter, Jenny Davis, Ross Day, Ken Dinin, Mindell Dubansky, Ron Fein, Robyn Fleming, Tavia Fortt, Paula Frosch, Tamara Fultz, Lisa Harms, Erika Hauser, Yukari Hayashida, Sophia Kramer, Oleg Kreymer, Julie Le, Liz Legere, Tina Lidogoster, John Lindaman, Dan Lipcan, Nancy Mandel, Christina Manzella, Gwen Mayhew, Ren Murrell, Naomi Niles, Andrea Puccio, PJ Raftery, Jessica Ranne, Fredy Rivera, Linda Seckelson, Kate Sweeney, Angela Washington, Karen Williams


Watson Library Project Assistants, Volunteers and Interns (current and past)

Alex Black, Andrew Wong-Crocitto, Anne Young, Annemarie Haar, Aimai Reporter, Bailey Diers, Ben Howell, Bronwyn Bitetti, Chantal Lee, Chesney Christner, Christina Manzella, Deborah Tint, Diane De Fazio, Elizabeth McCall, Emily Decker, Florencia Chavez, Gabrielle Barnes, Gabrielle Barr, Gale Dickerson, Ilana Grady, Jenny Brown, Jenny Mathias, Jessica Gavilan, Joanna Miller, John Chagaris, Kate Clayborne, Katherina Fostano, Katie O’Connell, Kellie Zhao, Kelly McGuigan, Kyle Olmon, Laura Cooper Brown, Leeroy Kang, Leslie Jimenez, Liesel Vink, Linden Hill, Lindsay Williams, Liz Legere, Lizzie Seiple, Louise Knight, Maria Marshall, Martha Lerski, Meagan Doodian, Megumi Hill, Mikhail Livshits, Mindy Carner, Nikki Sarto, Nimisha Bhat, Peri Pignetti, Rachel Chin, Rachel Correll, Rachel Ann Schimke, Rebecca Baugnon, Rena, Sarah Simms, Shawn Katzman, Shayla Black, Simen Kot, Tess Colwell, Tom Foster, Tomas Aviles, Tony Lee, Walter Schlect, William Blueher


The American Wing
Morrison Heckscher, Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen


Asian Art
John Carpenter, Alison Clark, Jennifer Perry, Midori Oka


The Costume Institute
Harold Koda, Mark Joseph, Julie Le, Shannon Bell Price


Sree Sreenivasan, Claire Dienes, Teresa Lai, Amy Liebster, Cristina Linclau, Taylor Newby, Shyam Oberoi, Neil Stimler, Jeff Strickland, Don Undeen, Eileen Willis


Mark Polizzotti, Gwen Roginsky, Robert Weisberg, Rachel High


Jeff Spar, Greg Bernard, Nick Cerbini, Fred Duemig


Islamic Art
Sheila Canby, Matthew Saba, Rebecca Lindsay, Charmaine Branch, Ilana Grady, Claire Elias


Mail Services
Joel Chatfield and staff


Medieval Art and The Cloisters
Peter Barnet, Christine Brennan, Michael Carter, Helen Evans, Brandie Ratliff


Museum Archives
James Moske, Melissa Bowling, Adrianna Del Collo, Barbara File


Office of the Senior Vice President, Secretary, and General Counsel
Cristina Del Valle


Photo Studio
Barbara Bridgers, Scott Geffert, Wallace Lewis


Nestor Allas


Special Thanks also to our Friends Elsewhere

Colleen Lubinsky, Deborah Kempe, Edye Weissler, Erin Coburn, Geri Ingram, Jason Beatrice Lee, Joyce Menschel, Kelli Piotrowski, Laura Harris, Leala Abbott, Lily Pregill, Matt Morgan, Nancy Murray, Penny Baker, Piotr Adamczyk, Ray Lifchiez, Scott Geffert, Stella Paul, Suz Massen

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